Amazon Pay makes takeout easy for you and your customers.

How it works

With Amazon Pay and Clover POS select restaurants can now accept takeout orders directly from the Amazon app; all you need is an Amazon Pay account and a Clover POS station. Once a customer places an order, their order information will be sent to your existing Clover system and kitchen printer; no new devices needed or processes to learn.


Attract and Retain Customers

Amazon Pay uses in-app messaging and marketing to tell customers about this new feature. Local customers can order top menu items from your restaurant quickly and easily. For returning customers, their favorite items are prominently featured and available for reorder in just two clicks.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Email your name, your company's name, and the location of your business to [email protected] to start the process. 

  2. The Amazon Pay team will collect your details and send you a link to register if you qualify. 

  3. After you've completed registration, Clover will you send you the app and you'll be ready to set-up your order-ahead! 

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Interested? Here's how to participate

  1. Email [email protected] to start the process
  2. Amazon team will determine the details on registration and send you a link
  3. Once registered, Clover will send you the app and you’ll be ready to set-up your order-ahead!
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