Trust and security you and your customers can buy into.

Nearly six out of ten shoppers say better security would encourage more shopping(1). No wonder why more and more merchants and shoppers are turning to Amazon Pay for an experience they know and trust thanks to:

  • One familiar login to identify and purchase
  • Personal information security
  • Built-in fraud and payment protection
  • The Amazon A-to-z Guarantee

Eight out of ten shoppers feel inconvenienced by online registration, causing merchants to struggle with rising shopping cart abandonments.(1)

(1) Source: Amazon Marketplace Team 2017

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The ease shoppers want, the innovation they trust.

More and more merchants and shoppers are turning to Amazon Pay

because it provides an experience that helps you:

Gain shoppers’ trust

Build customer
engagement and loyalty

Benefit from years
of Amazon innovation

“Within two weeks after launch, AllSaints saw 24% of customers choose Amazon Pay. In addition, AllSaints saw a 15% higher average order value.”

- James Wintel, Global Technology Director,

With Amazon Pay, you can improve your customer experience by offering a quick, convenient way to check out:

  • Help increase conversions
  • Help grow your business
  • Offer a connected experience across channels

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