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The Amazon Payments Partner Program is a global program designed to increase your company’s visibility in Amazon’s merchant-facing channels and provide you with the tools and benefits to help you grow your merchant business. There is no fee to join the program. To get started, please complete the online form below.

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Delight your customers

We get it. Your customers are busy and the last thing they need when they come to your site is to spend more time registering or remembering one more account name and password. By letting your customers use Login and Pay with Amazon, you’re enabling them to check out with an account they already know and trust.

No more remembering usernames and passwords. No more entering credit card numbers or shipping addresses. Customers are never redirected to another site, they stay on your page the entire experience. It’s simple, just a few taps from any device and your customer seamlessly completes their purchase.

Grow your business

It’s amazing what happens when you make purchasing fast, easy and safe for your customers. Offering a premium payment experience encourages them to purchase the first time and to come back and purchase again. But don’t take our word for it, see how other merchants have grown their business with Login and Pay with Amazon.

Increase conversion

Ting saw an immediate, positive jump across all of their key business metrics. Most notably — their conversion rate increased 22.5% over their first 30 days.

Gain deeper insight

Fraud detection and chargeback controls are expensive. “Orders placed through Amazon Payments have zero bad debt,” says Bryce McDonnell, Director of Technology at Clymb.

Gain new business

It takes investment to get people to visit your site, Login with Amazon helps you capture them. When Cymax added Login and Pay with Amazon, new account registrations tripled.

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