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Holiday season revenue can mean the difference between boom or bust for many businesses. Here at Amazon Pay, we want to empower retailers everywhere to have their best holiday season ever. That’s why we’ve assembled the Small Business Startup Kit, a collection of ebooks, research reports, infographics, and tip sheets that will help you have a big impact on your small business.

Of course, it’s not just about end-of-year shoppers – these tools, tips, and business principles should help you grow your small business all year round.

The Small Business Startup Kit contains: 

  • Read Me - Amazon Pay Small Business Startup Kit (1 page overview) 
  • 10 tips to get your small business ready for the holiday (14 page ebook)
  • Customer obsession 101 - 8 ways to keep customers coming back (11 page ebook)
  • Customer obsession 101 - attracting the right customers (23 page ebook)
  • 10 digital growth strategies from retailers around the world (24 page ebook) 
  • 5 questions to stay customer obsessed (1 page article)
  • 5 ways to optimize for mobile (1 page infographic)
  • 5 more ways to optimize for mobile (1 page infographic) 
  • 2019 Amazon small business impact report (12 page report)
  • Baymard Mobile optimization report (17 page report) 
  • Glossary of terms (60 page document) 

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